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With an ever-widening demographic of children that struggle, you can build a sustainable business in a growing market, even in a challenging economic environment.

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We have been part of the Biolink Attention Training Family for almost 6 years now and have loved every minute of it. Since meeting the founders we’ve had a real connection. They are committed to helping us succeed on every level.  There is a sense of family and togetherness that transcends further than just a ‘business relationship’. This group of people share our passion and made us feel right at home. Ever since starting our own agency, their commitment to us, and their guidance and support through ups and downs has been relentless. The research and development aspect of Biolink Attention Training is top-notch. They always investigate new and innovative ways to promote our vision and mission. This allows for continued profitability in the current financial climate. Biolink Systems Pty (Ltd) always makes sure we make use of the latest and most sophisticated technology available and that we, as a group, stay on top of our game.” Wilma Jansen-Viljoen & Roel Jansen; co-owners of Biolink Attention Training Witbank

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