Combine Learning and Nutrition This Summer

The Summer holiday is a great time to engage children in developing their meal plan.  This is a great way to teach them about healthy eating. A study by UCLA School of Medicine states, “We now know that particular nutrients influence cognition by acting on molecular systems or cellular processes that are vital for maintaining cognitive function”. Helping your ADHD child create healthy eating habits may improve their overall focus and ability to improve cognitive skills.

Here are some ideas on how you can integrate learning and nutrition to help prevent “summer brain drain” this year:

Read Books

  • Read some story books with your child that are based on nutrition. There are many fun books for children on healthy eating. There are also nutritional guides for teens that are designed to keep their attention and simplify healthy eating.

Teach About Vitamins & Healthy Foods

  • Teach your child about the vitamins each food contains and how it improves your health. Create a flow chart for them to reference and give them a pop quiz during mealtimes.

Create a Menu

  • Ask your child to write down ideas for dinner. Set the requirement that each food must be a different colour in the rainbow. This will tie into how each colour contains different vitamins and health benefits.

Use Recipes

  • Teach your child dinner recipes and assign a couple of nights a week for them to help you make dinner. Not only will they be learning but it will get them off the couch and moving.

Keep a Food Journal

  • Have your child keep a food journal. This will help them with writing skills and mindful eating habits.

Make it a Game

  • Make a game for healthy eating! If you have multiple children, create a raffle and have them put in a ticket for each healthy food they eat. Or if your child meets their daily intake of vegetables and fruits, you can create a fun reward system. The better they eat, the more freedom they can earn in their daily schedule.

Let’s Help You Out

Teaching your child to eat well can be tricky. You do not want to give them more facts than they can grasp or turn every meal into a lecture. But wait too long and they could pick up unhealthy habits in the meantime.

Children need to know that every food they put into their bodies affects them.

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Lizaan Spangenberg
Biolink Attention Training Head Office