Anrie Pool


Northern Cape

Agency Owner & BEd

Contact no:
083 417 1623

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Biolink Prieska opened their doors in 2013 and in 2019, Anrie Pool took over the reins.

While busy with her studies in Education and ABET, Anrie worked as a teacher. She also owned an afterschool care centre where she assisted learners with homework and tasks, they needed to complete for school projects. In September 2018, Anrie started working at Biolink Prieska as a facilitator and in June 2019 she became the owner of the agency.

Biolink Prieska’s mission is to develop and improve children’s cognitive skills which in return will help them improve their confidence and overall life skills. Our vision is to take hands with the community, in particular, parents of learners who struggle, and to walk the extra mile with them while offering a safe support structure.

“My sister’s son was diagnosed with ADHD and this ignited my passion to help children with learning challenges. After joining the Biolink Prieska team my passion was renewed, and I knew that through Biolink Attention Training, I was making a difference in the lives of each of the students at our centre.” – Anrie Pool

At Biolink Attention Training, we offer support, hope, answers, and solutions for children and adults with ADHD and other learning disorders or academic challenges.  We also provide resources and training toward the continuous professional development of teachers, as required by die South African Council of Educators.

Study after study confirms children today are struggling more than ever before with academic, social, and behavioural issues that impact their success in school.

We want to take hands with parents and teachers to ensure our children get the best support and assistance when having academic or learning challenges. We strongly believe that the role parents play in the school system should be clearly defined, and teachers should be the inspirational leaders of a diverse world.

The only way we can do that, is by empowering parents and teachers. We want to generate new knowledge through a broad array of workshops, research materials, and supportive information, and use the content for classroom strategies.

Step 1:
The Assessment

The FOCUS Assessment:

FOCUS scientifically measures the performance of key cognitive skills and is used to customise your child’s skills development program fully.

Step 2:
Our Comprehensive skills development program

Our comprehensive skills development program consists of

  • Neurocognitive Training
  • Active Listening Skills & Comprehension Skills
  • Training
  • Transfer of Skills Learned
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Self-Regulation
  • Each child’s program is fully individualised and customised through our Sheer Genius algorithm.

Step 3:
Continuous Support

We provide continuous support to parents, teachers, and students through our signature.

  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Educational Library
  • SACE accredited Workshops

We have helped over
100 000 children and
adults all over the world

80+ Centres across the
globe – South Africa,
Botswana, Zimbabwe,
Namibia, UK, and the USA

9.7 Out of 10
people recommends
Biolink Attention Training

Educational Library

Our Educational Library is filled with a variety of practical educational resources that can be used at home and in the classroom. The goal of our Educational Library is to increase and improve the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and good habits of children, parents, and teachers.