ADHD: Dealing With Your Child’s Anger

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is my child a bully to other children?” Are you constantly saying, “Keep your hands to yourself!”, or, “Don’t hit your brother, he’s not your punching bag!”?

This is due to the Emotional Dysregulation facet of ADHD, which refers to deficits in impulse control and regulating emotions.

Individuals with ADHD have a problem with executive functioning skills, of which Emotional Self-Regulation is a key component. Emotional Self-Regulation is the ability to manage your behaviour in relation to the events that happen in your life. This, along with a lack of will, contributes to the blow ups and outbursts individuals with ADHD display.

It can be exhausting mentally, emotionally, and physically to be the parent of a child with ADHD. Be sure to take care of yourselves as individuals and as a couple. Take breaks from your child, no matter how much you love him or her. You won’t be at your best for your child if you let yourself get run down without a break. Find a way to have some quiet time on a regular basis and perhaps dinner and a show without the child tagging along on occasion. WATCH: Routines & Habits for the Busy Family

At Biolink Attention Training, we want nothing more than to see your child be successful, just as much as you do. If you feel that you need some help in guiding your son or daughter with their academics or address a cognitive issue that’s affecting their school life. then contact us today or find a center near you.

Lizaan Spangenberg
Biolink Attention Training Head Office